How to Verify PAN Card by Name (Online PAN Verification)?

Verifying PAN Card is the first task you have to complete after getting hands on your PAN Card. Basically, there are 2 ways to verify PAN information. They are,

If you want to Verify PAN Card by PAN Number, You can click on above given Link for the tutorial. In this article, I’ll show you how to Verify pan card through Name and Date of birth.

Yes, All you need is your Full name and Date of birth. Based on your Name and Date of Birth, You’ll be able to verify PAN Information. So, Let’s get Started.

First of all, Open The Know your PAN Page of Official Income Tax e-filling website or Click Here. You’ll see the exact same form as below given Image.

Pan Card Verification by Name

Here in this form, there are 5 Field and here is the information you have to Enter in the Fields.

  1. Date of Birth: Here, You have to enter your Date of birth in DD/MM/YYYY Format. For example, My Birthdate is 7th January 1998; Then I have to enter 07/01/1998. But It’s not necessary to Enter The date Manually, You can click on the Calendar button to get the calendar from which you can select the date.
  2. Surname: Enter your Surname or Last name Here.
  3. Middle Name: Enter the name of your Father Here.
  4. First Name: Enter your Name Here.
  5. Enter the code as in About Image: Enter the characters you can see in the Image given Above the Field. In this case, Characters are 0Q8SXE. It is used to make sure that You are human because Robots can’t solve the Captcha codes.

After Entering your Information, Click on the Submit Button Twice. Yes, You have to click twice to send the information and get the results. So, Here is how you’ll get the results that you can Verify.

Online PAN verification by Name

Here are some guidelines to Follow while Online PAN verification by Name.

  • Don’t Be Inactive for more than 15 minutes on the website because your session will expire after 15 Minutes.
  • Don’t Enter Your Information on Any other site except the one given Above.

If you have any question regarding PAN verification by name and Date of birth, You can comment them down! We’ll give our best to solve your queries!


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  1. Plz I want my pan card it’s too emergency I have submitted it on the month of October plz it’s an emergency.plz sir look at my Mater…

    1. Yes, You’ve applied to get pan Card or correct PAN Card? You can check the Current status of your pan card if it’s delivered or not. Check the guide on out homepage Let us know if you want more help …

  2. sir i want pan card acknoledgement no 611233470 has undilivered plese send same adress sir that too urgent


  3. Plz I want my pan card it’s too emergency I have submitted it on the month of December plz it’s an emergency.plz sir look at my Mater…

    1. Can you provide your Application Acknowledgement Number or Coupon Number?

  4. Sir please I want my pan card fast. I applied on 10/01/2017, but still, i have neither received pan no nor pan card my acknowledgment no is 151369700187624 sir , please help me.

    1. Your application is under process at Income Tax Department.

      1. Sir it has been 3 weeks showing your application is under income tax department and what does it mean

    D OF BIRTH 10-07-1975

    1. No Record Found for that Application Coupon Number.

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