How to Change your PAN Info Through PAN Correction Form

It happens when you need to change information about you in your PAN Card. Here in this article, We’ll guide you on how you can Easily correct your information through PAN correction form online.

In case you are married now and want to change Your name in PAN card, You should have Marriage Certificate. It’s because Marriage Certificate is considered as Legal proof of marriage. So, It’s important in this case.

So, It’s the same process for UTI and NSDL so don’t panic whether you’ve applied through NSDL or UTI. So, Here are the links for both UTI and NSDL Pan Correction form.

  • NSDL PAN Correction Form: In the case of NSDL, First you have to select the category of Applicant. After that, you have to click on Select and you’ll get PAN Correction form.
  • UTI PAN Correction Form: Here You’ll get UTI PAN correction form directly.

Now, As you have Correction form in front of you, You can start filling the form with proper information about yourself. But first, you must have these things for Identification.

  1. Identity Proof: You can upload any Government issued Identification card of yourself. You can upload Proofs like Driver’s Licence, Marriage Certificate, Passport, Credit Card etc.
  2. Current PAN: As your PAN will never change in your life, you should have your Current PAN number in order to apply for correction. If you don’t know your PAN, Don’t Panic, You can know your PAN by following our simple tutorial!

If you have DigiLocker account, you can directly fetch your Identification Proofs from DigiLocker; Otherwise, you have to upload your Proofs and then you’ve ready to go.

Once you’ve completed filling the form, You can click on Submit button given at the bottom of PAN correction form. Now, you have to pay the Correction fees of Rs.107. You can pay through Debit card or Cheque or Net Banking too!

In case you don’t want to apply online, you can get PDF of the form in which you can fill your information, Paste your PassPort size photographs, Attach Identity Proof and Submit to PAN Agency or Online Seva Center.

Offline PAN Correction is the Safest and most accurate method to Correct information on your PAN Card.

Anyways, If you’ve Submitted the Correction Form, you will get the new one in 15-45 days. Normally, You’ll get it in less than 1 month.

If you are curious about what’s going on with your application, You can always Track PAN Card Status. Let us Know if you have any questions in the comments! We’ll surely help you to solve it!

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