UTI PAN Card Application Form Tutorial (Step by Step)

Having PAN Card is very much important nowadays because you’ll need pan card for each and every transaction. Even if you want to deposit more than 50,000Rs to your Bank Account, you should have PAN Card! So, It’s very much important to have PAN.

No Matter you are Indian Or not, You must have PAN Card to Start a business or to invest in business in India. Here in this article, We’ll show you how to apply for PAN Card Online through UTI. We’ll guide you Throughout complete Form Step-by-step. So, Let’s Get Started with Tutorial.

First of all, Click Here to Open the Official PAN Card Application Form of UTI. The Application form will look like below-given Image.


It’s 49A form, and you have to fill the same form even if you are applying through NSDL. First of all, Select the Status of the Applicant. If you are Individual, Select Individual, or you can select anything that matches your Application.

Now, It’s time to fill the Rest of the form with lots of fields. Here is the Information you have to fill in the form.

Name Section:

  1. Full Name: First of all, Select the Title from the drop down and then Enter your Lastname, FirstName and Middle Name in the Fields Respectively.
  2. Name on Card: It will be Automatically Filled, but if you want to change, You can edit it!
  3. Have you been known by any other name?: By Default, It will be NO, but if you are known by any other name, You can Enter your Other name by Selecting YES from the drop down.
  4. Gender: Male or Female.
  5. Date of Birth: Here, You Have to fill the Date of birth in DD/MM/YYYY Format. For example, By Birthday is on 7th January so that I will Enter 01/01/1998.
  6. Details of Parents: If you are applying as Individual, You have to Enter the Full name of your Mother and Father just as you Entered yours. If you are Lady and Married, You still have to Enter the full name of your Father and not your Husband.

Address Section:

  1. Address: Here, You have to Enter your Full Address because your PAN Card will be delivered to this Address. You have to Enter Residential Address as well as Office Address.
  2. Address of Communication: Here, You have to select whether you want PAN Card Related emails Delivered to Home or Office. You have to Select one from Residential or Office.
  3. Telephone Number: Here, Enter your Telephone Number after Selecting the  ISD Code from DropDown and STD code by Entering it into the Field.
  4. E-mail ID: After Entering the Telephone Number, Enter your Primary E-mail ID.
  5. Aadhar Number: Enter your Aadhar Number if you have Aadhar Card.
  6. Are you a Citizen of India?: Select Yes if you are Indian. If not, Select No.

Income Section:

  1. Sources of Income: Here you have 6 Different Sources of revenue that You can select. You can choose Multiple Income sources too!

Representative Assessee:

  1. Representative Assessee: Enter the information of your Representative Assessee Just like you did for yours. You have to Enter Full name and Address of Representative Assessee.

Identity, Address, DOB Proof:

To Make it Easier for you to Select Documents for Proofs, We’ve created a List of Common Documents for PAN Application.

  1. Here, You have to select which documents you are going to submit as an Identity Proof, Date of Birth Proof and Address Proof. There are tens of valid Options available to choose from. Select whatever you have to upload it after Submitting the form when you are asked.

Confirmation Section:

  1. You do at this moment declare that whatever stated above is true: If you filled up the form Alone, Select Herself/Himself or if someone is with you, choose the option accordingly. After that, Enter the Verifier Name and The Verification Place.

After Filling up the form as given Above, You can submit the Form and if you find any error, Edit it and click on Submit again. After clicking on Submit, You might have to upload the Documents you’ve selected to submit as Proofs. Also, You have to pay processing Fees online.

So, This how you can process Online pan card application. You can follow this guide to apply for PAN Card online. Once the Application is submitted Successfully, You can check your Pan Status to know the current status of your Pan Application.

If you want to Submit Online PAN Card Application through NSDL instead, You can Follow our Step by Step guide just like this one!

If you’ve Already Applied for PAN Card and want to know your PAN, You can Follow our guide. At last, You can comment down your queries Related to PAN Application through UTI, and we’ll be happy to solve your questions.

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