How to Verify PAN Card by PAN No (Online Pan Verification) ?

PAN card is essential in India. It’s used to validate the huge transactions done by everyone that can affect the economy of India. No one can start the business or invest in India without PAN card. That’s why It’s essential to have PAN card.

If you haven’t applied for PAN card, You can Apply for PAN Card through our PAN Card application guide. Once applied, You can check your PAN Status anytime to know the status of your application.

Once you get the PAN Card, you can verify it to know if it’s correct and active. This article is all about PAN verification through PAN Number. Now, Let’s get Started.

First of all, Visit the Official Open Know Your Jurisdiction Page or Click here to Open it Directly. It’s the Government website related to Income tax and Online income tax filing and etc.

After Clicking on the above-given link, You’ll see the form like the following Image.

PAN card verification through PAN Number

There are two Fields in the form. Here’s the information that you have to enter in them.

  • PAN (Mandatory): Here, You have to Enter your PAN number exactly as given in your PAN card.
  • Enter the code as in Above Image: Here, You have to Solve the captcha Image and enter the characters given in the image to prove that you are human.

After Entering the Data in the Form, Click on the Submit Button and you will get Information about your PAN Card. Make sure they are correct because that’s why We are verifying the PAN. Here’s the Example of Results you’ll get after clicking on Submit button.

Verify PAN Card by PAN Number

Here are some points to Consider while verifying Pan Information online through PAN Card number.

  • The website is somewhat buggy, You might face Session expire Errors if you will not click twice on the Submit button. Sometimes It will not work too! So, In the case of error, Just reload the page and you are good to go again!
  • Don’t remain Inactive for 15 or more minutes because in 15 Minutes, Your session will expire and you’ll not be able to Submit the form. In that case, Just reload the page again.
  • Don’t Enter your Information on any other site except the above-given OFFICIAL site. Because it might be harmful to you.

So, this is how you can verify your PAN Through PAN Number online. If you want to know your PAN through Name, You can follow our guide!

Let us know If you have any kind of Problems with PAN Verification in the comments, We’ll help you to solve them.

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